Client Experience

VCG Testimonials:


I’ve had the opportunity to work with David during a highly transformative time within our organization. His guidance has provided me with valuable insights, awareness, and skills that have enabled me to become more effective and efficient as a leader. Thanks to his coaching, I have been able to successfully grow my team along with our scope of responsibilities and deliver impressive results for the company.

Senior Director
Solutions Engineering


I’ve had David as a coach for nearly 18 months during which time he’s provided me amazing insight into understanding people and their behaviors, including my own.  This has elevated my ability to lead leaders and interact with a variety of personalities effectively and has had a positive impact on both my professional and personal life.  I would recommend David to anyone interested in expanding their view of human interactions and effective communication.

V.P. Software Engineering
Large, International Technology Company


Being a strong, driven individual I’ve never paid much thought to professional coaching over the years, until I met David. With his coaching I’ve totally transformed my approach and perspectives to really understand and appreciate the core values that help me continuously in both my business and personal life. David challenges me, and in turn I’ve been able to do the same with my team and achieve truly amazing results. I very much look forward to our coaching sessions where even the act of listening can bring new insights to difficult situations or challenges.

V.P. Engineering & CTO
Mid-tier Technology Company


The coaching assisted me in becoming a more effective leader. Coaching on areas such as ‘alignment and agreement’, ‘being a cause in the matter’ and ‘authentic listening’ assisted me immensely in finding workable solutions to complex technical and organizational challenges. Five stars for David! 

Internal Technical Consultant
Large, International Technology Company


I’ve had the transformative and energizing benefit of David’s coaching as both a direct recipient and in having him work my key team members.  All of us gained tremendous insights into our opportunities and behaviors and motivations that allowed us to each create more effective lives both at work and outside of it.

SVP Technology
Financial Services Company


Having had the fortune of conducting open and frank discussions with David each week over these last sixteen months has evolved into a most unexpected and intensely profound journey in self-discovery and personal awareness that I would have never even considered possible for me.

 Sixteen months ago not only was I skeptical as David and I were introduced, but I actually knew that my experience managing global sales organizations, my success, my opinions and associated leadership credentials needed little if any modification. Through deliberate, focused and many times frustrating weekly engagements I began to view all aspects of my professional and personal being openly and honestly.

 David has and continues to patiently guide me through all that is effective communication in life and strengthen a host of skills required to discover what is possible.

SVP Global Sales & Alliances
Mid-tier Technology Company


Working with David has been both a career and life changing experience for me.  From the very first session I learned new ways of looking at interactions in life that have helped build better working relationships and have made my teams and I more effective.  I only wish I had done this sooner in my career.

V.P. Technology
Financial Services Company

I had the pleasure of working with David for several years. Over that time David was tireless in his efforts to continually reinforce key concepts that have been foundational building blocks for my continued success. David holds himself equally accountable for results and is very committed to the success of those who engage him. His unique vocabulary, methodology and processes have been tested and refined ensuring consistent and successful outcomes. If you are a successful professional that is seeking to live into a future that you are responsible for creating (as opposed to blindly living into a continuation of the present), if you are looking to enhance and grow your “toolbox” of communication and interpersonal skills, David will be able to assist you in accomplishing beyond what you might have thought possible..

Vice President Sales