Who We Are

Valeo Consulting Group is a transformational consulting firm dedicated to the development of leaders who produce extraordinary results by empowering and enabling the growth, development and performance of those they lead. We have consulted with mid-tier and large companies for two decades producing remarkable results in client executive communication, leadership and individual and organizational effectiveness.

Business Performance Transformation: Causing a “state change” in an organization’s capacity to communicate, organize and execute — grounded in the fundamental concerns of the enterprise and producing unprecedented results.

Our Purpose

Creating high performance organizations in which people are dedicated to making a lasting difference for their organization, their families, and their communities.

Our Vision

Dynamic and prosperous organizations,
Clear, aligned, communicating,
Generating extraordinary results and unforeseen possibilities for self-expression and personal fulfillment.

Our Mission

Transforming the world of work, causing extraordinary individual and team performance. We provide organization performance consulting and executive leadership coaching services that open new possibilities for communication, collaboration, creativity and exceptional results.

Our Work is Grounded in the Four Essential Elements of Leadership:

1. Integrity

a. Your word in the matter of life. What you said you will do or not do.
b. What you know to do or not do.
c. What you are expected to do or not do (unless you have explicitly said to the contrary).
d. What you say is so – when you have given your word to someone as to the existence of something or some state of the world.
e. Standing for something – what you say your life is about.
f. Moral, Ethical, And Legal Standards: The moral, ethical, and legal standards, which you have not explicitly declined, are a part of your word.

Integrity is the Foundation for Leadership
Your power (your ability to produce effective and reliable results) is dependent on your integrity. To empower and enable yourself as a leader, you will have to be rigorous in honoring your word – with yourself, with those you lead, and with those who lead you.

2. Authenticity

Being and acting consistent with who you hold yourself to be for yourself and for others.

3. Being Cause in the Matter

A powerful stand that provides access to extraordinary performance, regardless of the circumstances. Being cause-in-the-matter is that for which one is willing to stand regarding some condition, a place from which to view and deal with the set of facts that constitute some condition.

4. Being Committed to Something Larger Than Yourself

Source of the serene passion (charisma) required to lead and to develop others as leaders and the source of persistence (joy in the labor of) when the going gets tough.